India’s First Helmet Safety Ride by FirstRide


Vijay Kumar Reddy is an avant-gardist who now dons the hat of a serial entrepreneur. With an attempt to venture into the automobile industry he successfully co-founded and has been very competently spearheading the team. In his current profile he is responsible for the overall operations,sponsorships, BTL activities, Partnerships and Core team hiring. He is also popular amongst his peers and subordinates, for his team management skills, strategic planning and leadership qualities.




Prior to setting on his entrepreneurial journey, Vijay has had the opportunity to work with some of the industry leaders from varied verticals like TATA-AIG Life Insurance Company as a Business Associateand Cognizant Technology Solutions as a Programmer Analyst Trainee (PAT). Realizing his entrepreneurial call at an early stage of his career, Vijay founded two companies back to back in a short span of time. He first established, an education consultancy firm in 2010 and after almost a year he started


His innovative propensity is aided by a sound academic background. He holds a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Biotechnology from Vellore Institute of Technology. He was also one of top ten students in the Andhra Pradesh state board exam. As a kid he was very enterprising and has been recognized for his projects in various science events. With his technological aptitude, he envisions making the automobiles industry and car purchasing procedure hassle-free for customers.


When out of his executive suit, Vijay loves travelling, professional networking, automobiles and tech-news reading


helmet safety


Here are the few excerpts of his interview regarding traffic rules, helmet safety and more…..


1. What are your thoughts about bike riders carrying helmets in their arms & not wearing it?

People are considering Helmet as a car stepney wheel to use in emergency to escape from the cops .

2. Advice to the youngsters over speeding their bikes or taking sharp turns at high speed?

Racing and stunts can be fun and sportive only in a controlled environment like a racing track with full riding gear . Overspeed bikers not only risk themsleves by doing so , but also pose a threat to general riders also .


helmet safety


3. Your thoughts about people unnecessarily honking? And should honking be banned?

Honking is a very bad practise in India , especially once the signal is green . Honking is to alert someone but near the signals there is no point in excess honking . Honking should be strictly banned in all hospitals zones , educational zones , IT zones and historical places . They disturb the peace of mind.

4. Should helmet be made compulsory for pillion riders as well?

Its a good idea and and already the rule is implemented in some parts of the country . Infact , a pillion driver is the one who is not safe on a bike because a person driving is alert all the time but pillion driver is always relaxed .


helmet safety


5. The amount collected through challans is deposited in state treasury but there are no clear guidelines for its use. (For example, in London all fines collected on account of speeding are spent on procuring speed guns. )Why can’t we follow this model?

Yes , reforms like this has to be done from government side to ensure that the procured funds are used efficiently for the same purpose .

6. Right now the fine for not wearing a helmet is Rs 200, should it be raised? Yes, how much? What impact it would have on two wheeler riders? Will they improve?

Increasing the fine would not solve the problem . The more restrictions we bring in , the more people will try to find ways to escape . Its better that we concentrate on doing some efficient awareness programs on uasge of Helmet for Safety .


helmet safety


7. Tips for people buying a helmet for the first time.

If you are a city traveller half/full helmet will solve the problem but if you travel regularly on highways , its strongly recommended to buy a full helmet . Wat-so-ever may be the design or helmet brand you choose , make sure that it’s ISI certified .

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