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As India removes its blanket of mist and biting cold, it marks the onset of spring: this coincides with Vasant Panchmi or the change of season. It is also the time to propitiate the goddess of learning – Sarasvati Goddess, a pan-Indian concept…



saraswati maa


When is Saraswati Puja in 2013? Spring is also welcomed with Saraswati Puja, which is celebrated on the fifth day of the Indian month Magh, (or spring) which falls on 15th February this year. Saraswati Puja is dedicated to the goddess of learning, and includes performing arts, culture, art, dance, music, knowledge etc. Saraswati is also revered as Shakti and is the sister of Shiva, and the consort of Brahma. The latter is known to have drawn power from Saraswati in order to create the Universe.




Saraswati represents consciousness, intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. The goddess is synonymous with a gently flowing stream and is shown playing the veena, seated on a white swan (symbolic of curiosity). Saraswati is credited with having invented Sanskrit, the language of the upper echelons of society.


Saraswati Goddess Poster



Saraswati Puja is celebrated with great pomp and fanfare in UP, Bihar and Jharkhand. Yellow is the celebratory colour: the goddess is dressed in yellow, the idol or image is decorated with yellow flowers, yellow coloured sweets are devoured, devotees dress in yellow and books are marked with a dot of yellow turmeric. The onset of spring is marked with kite flying and in Ferozepur, Punjab and Haryana, and the day is better known as the “kite festival.”



saraswati goddess of learning


Across the South, Saraswati Puja is also synonymous with an auspicious day to commence anything new: this can include weddings, engagements, business, new ventures etc. It is considered auspicious for little children to write their first words on this day. Jains and Buddhists also worship Saraswati, and the goddess is worshipped as the daughter of Durga in Orissa, Assam and Bengal.



Saraswati Puja


Books and learning instruments are placed at the feet of goddess Saraswati on this day and ironically, children are asked not to study on this day! It is considered a day for the goddess to bless the books…


Saraswati Goddess Pooja


Happy Sarawati Puja

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