The Sizzling ‘Chummas’ of Bollywood!


Devika Rani-Himanshu Rai

1933 Karma

When one sees this picture dating back to the 1930s, one wonders when did coyness come into Hindi films.

For in the 1933 film Karma starring Himanshu Rai and Devika Rani are seeing boldly expressing their feelings and lust for each other. What’s more is that it is Devika Rani who is seen taking the lead. It’s another matter that the two were husband-wife duo.

Shashi Kapoor-Zeenat Aman

1978 Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Okay, here’s a film that was way ahead of others—it was Raj Kapoor’s way of showing the purity of physical love. But sadly, all it got famous for was ample amount of skin show… actually, had Zeenie baby had simply shown them without a sub clause, it’d would be fine; she had such a delicious body and maybe because she and Shashi Kapoor shared a passionate kiss in the film.

Rishi Kapoor-Dimple Kapadia

1985 Saagar

Many say these two were childhood lovers since they did Bobby together and wanted to marry but papa Raj Kapoor put his foot down; many say Dimple was his love child from Nargis. Nonetheless, the supposed lovers made up for the lost time with a passionate kiss in the film Saagar.

Dimple Kapadia-Anil Kapoor

1986 Janbaaz

Dimple seemed to have thrown coyness to the wind. And her co-stars were more than happy given her stunning good looks. She again shared a hot kiss with Anil Kapoor in Jaanbaaz.

Madhuri-Vinod Khanna

1988 Dayavan

Those were the early days of Dhak Dhak girl and he was an aging star but that didn’t stop the two to share an adrenalin pumping kiss in Dayavaan.

Aamir Khan-Karisma Kapoor

1996 Raja Hindustani

Come the 90s and the Bollywood firmament gets clearer… it is said that Aamir Khan kissed all his co-stars. No one missed out on the gentle-as-a-feather kiss with Juhi Chawla in QSQT. But Raja Hindustani, Karisma and Aamir heated things onscreen with a passionate kiss.

Kamal Hassan-Rani Mukherjee

2000 Hey Ram

Kamal Hassan proved one thing that age, if anything, had nothing to do with a kiss or love. He boldly showed his belief in Hey Ram with a full-on lip lock with Rani Mukherjee.

Aishwarya Rai-Vivek Oberoi

2004 Kyun… Ho Gaya Na

Aishwarya Rai would love to forget this bit of her life and career but the porcelain beauty did share a friendly kiss with her beau of the day: Vivek Oberoi.

Emraan Hashmi-Mallika Sherawat

2004 Murder

Emraan Hashmi put all speculations to rest and got the tag of being the serial kisser of Bollywood. One of the earliest acts that led him to this honour was his lip locks with drama queen of Bollywood, Mallika Sherawat in Murder.

Fardeen Khan-Kareena Kapoor

2005 Dev

With this film, Govind Nihalani had wanted to do a crossover film from parallel to mainstream. It has many elements typical of Bollywood films with one being a love scene between the romantic duo of the film—Fardeen and Kareena. A full-on lip lock it was.


2005 Salaam Namaste

Preity Zinta has for long maintained that all things pretty needn’t mean that it wasn’t real. So, while her films are commercial they were not superficial. That was her contention. And rightly so, Salaam Namaste presented a really pretty couple romancing (also quarrelling, fighting, crying) in decent but picturesque Melbourne. And true to Ms Zinta’s belief, the film was quite bold in the sense it did show a desi couple living in rather than getting married and then staying together. It also showed the couple having sex together before saying “I do”.

Which needed a kissing scene naturally….


2006 Dhoom 2

Aishwarya Rai, the face of Paro in Bhansali’s Devdas, has never really been very comfortable about kissing in her long career. But she did make an exception when paired against Heartthrob Hrithik in heist caper, Dhoom 2. And we must say they made a pretty picture.

Rakhi Sawant-Mika Singh

2006 at a party in Mumbai

Eeks! Yuck’s the word as singer Mika grabbed starlet Rakhi Sawant in full public view in a discotheque in Mumbai and planted a long kiss. The lady did go to the National Commission of Woman for justice but what can NCW do for a crime such as a kiss!

Sushmita Sen-Randeep Hooda

2009 Karma, Confessions & Holi

Now, now…. Here’s a real gooey gooey wet kiss and likes of which we don’t get to watch in Hindi films. Naturally, the film wasn’t meant for the Indian audience. It was an English film subsequently dubbed in Hindi. The lady was pretty miffed with the producers for keeping the said scene intact in the desi version too.

Hot it is… and both Sush babe and Randeep Hooda look great together.

Kareena Kapoor-Saif Ali Khan

2009 Kurbaan

There’s something about Hindi film gals shying away from doing such scenes as professional actresses but the moment it comes to co-stars who are also their beaus, rules change. Even Hema Malini did a lip touch with Dharmendra back in the 70s, Ash did it with Vivek Oberoi when she was seeing him and now, Kareena did it with Saif, her BF. Of course, to Kareena goes the credit of kissing other men too if the scene needed it.

Hrithik Roshan-Barbara Mori

2010 Kites

Oops, this one sizzled and burnt many away… the English version of the film has the uneditetd version but the desi version is fairly hot. A bare-chested Hrithik Roshan with bursting ribs kisses a naked Barbara Mori (back to the camera)… with just a hint of her boobs, the film’s suggestions are just too many.

Gul Panag-Purab Kohli

2010 Turning 30

Now, Gul Panag is a bindaas babe and it shows. She was quite frank about her kiss with Purab Kohli in Turning 30 and insisted it was her best onscreen kiss so far.

Image: Turning 30 2010

There have been many more instances these days when actors kiss… Deepika did it with Saif (Love Aaj Kal) and Imran (Break Ke Baad) and then the upcoming movie Band Baaja Baaraat also has one.

Guess, since it’s getting to be mandatory in Hindi films, happy kissing guys and gals!

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