Pushkar Cattle Fair of Rajasthan, India


India is a country known for its fairs & festivities and Pushkar Cattle fair is one such unique fair in India. Pushkar Cattle fair gets its name from the land of Pushkar located in Rajasthan. The Pushkar Cattle fair is a five day event and happens in November/December every year.

Pushkar is an eye-catching event for the tourists from all over the world who are seen in large numbers at this exceptional exhibition that depicts Incredible India.

What happens at the Pushkar fair? Pushkar is an event filled with fun and frolic. One can enjoy “Rajasthani” Dance, “Rajasthani” music, gaily-attired folk and various cultural events.

During the Pushkar Cattle fair, a tented city is set-up bordering the Pushkar Lake and it is at this very place that the villagers from across the state engage in Pushkar festivities, trade in livestock, handicrafts, participate in camel races, dances, drama, and music competitions.

Evenings are of special importance at Pushkar. As it is under the moon light that the folk music and dance is best enjoyed.

Activates such as cattle race, matka phod, longest moustache and the bridal competition are important parts of the Pushkar Cattle fair.

About Pushkar (the place): Pushkar is located at a distance of 13 km from Ajmer. The road leads travelers through hills and terrains with the blowing desert winds giving you the real taste of nature.

Things to do at Pushkar: There are a number of activities to engage in apart from just enjoying the sheer beauty of this festival; camel safari, visiting the Pushkar Ghats, temples and jewelry/cloths/accessory shopping to name a few.

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