Jab Sexy Savita Bhabhiji Hain Kareeb, Toh Fiqaar Not!


Savita Bhabhi, the star of the Indian online comedy show Jay Hind, enjoys a huge fan following (even in a conservative country like ours) maybe because of her innocent looks or maybe because of her presence of mind 😉

Name a problem and in a jiffy she’ll come up pouting with a solution. Oh dear… how easy would life be!

Savita Bhabhi’s intellect and bold sense of humour has redefined Indian entertainment.

Sumeet Raghavan, the host of Jay Hind, aptly says it, “Duniya mein kitna gum hai lekin Savita mein uss sab ko kam karne ka dum hai (though the world maybe full of sorrows but Savita Bhabhi has the guts to solve them).”

Given her wicked tongue-in-cheek solutions one just can not stop laughing and coming back for more. Savita Bhabhi addresses all problems—global warming, piracy, frustrated writers to bachelorhood problems.

To her piracy means baantnaa (sharing) and for plagiarism-hit writers, the solution is (CONDOM)–CONtract Done Must–before you begin penning down your ideas.

Student sick of study pressure too get a free solution from Jay Hind’s Savita Bhabhi, (inspired from fictional porn cartoon character). The sexy Bhabhi Savita guarantees that the idea of committing a suicide will never ever cross a student’s mind again. Want to know how? Watch Jay Hind.

And bachelors of the world crib not: very subtly she reveals the basic principle of how to make round and fluffy rotis (Indian bread). 😉 😉 😉

Sample Savita Bhabhi’s sense of humour: “Pronob babu is so pornographic na,” chuckles the sexy housewife.

Though more interesting are her budget-related suggestions:

a)      If Government gives funds for sex education in school this will help increase student attendance

b)      To boost agriculture provide free ‘make out’ zones in the fields. This way people will stop running towards cities and thereby help put a curb on village exodus.

c)      Massage parlours should be included in the service industry. Any guesses why? Because with love everything grows… 😉

d)      IT sector will get a major boost if ban on Savita Bhabhi is removed

There are many, many such solutions that are simply a click away. And those you must find it out yourself. Hai na?

Jay Hind

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