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Contributed By – Zeba Rohila


We live in a digital age when photography is handier than it has ever been. Until a few decades ago, portraits and sceneries were a piece of artist’s creation and with the advent of digital cameras and smart phones, it has become easier even for the amateurs to click pictures easily.



Within the span of few decades, technology has changed drastically for good. Powerful photography equipment can now be carried in your pocket make it easier to click photograph of anything, from a moving object to your selfie to anything interesting you have in dinner or a new place you visited, all can be captured in just a click!


Moreover, the surge of different photo apps and software has also made the photography accessible and a favourite hobby. But I feel technology can’t replace skill, even if you are carrying the best equipment in your hand but if you don’t have an eye for perfection or an aesthetic sense, you will not be able to give it a good shot. For a layperson, taking a photo is a simple job, pointing your lens towards the subject, auto focusing it and snapping the picture. But for a professional photographer, more goes into taking your perfect shot.


“A picture is worth a thousand words.” #Quote




Someone has said it true, a picture can convey the unsaid message which I think many words fail to catch the essence. My passion for photography started when my daughter was born. To capture each and every move and mood of hers was something I cherished a lot. As she was growing up, my passion for photography to explore more with my camera was growing too. But I knew that am lagging somewhere in the deftness of taking a perfect shot and I needed to enhance my photography prowess.


In order to learn few tricks and techniques and know-how of photography, I consulted few photographers, amateurs as well as professionals in my circle of acquaintances and here’s what I gathered, am summing up the these shared by these experts in 5 important photography tips


  1. First and foremost tip, visit an art museum or a photo exhibition. Make yourself fall in love with the creativity of some artist. This would help you to identify the different aspects of his artwork and the elements used in his piece of work.

  3. Experiment with your camera. Try and explore the different angles of a particular shot with your camera and note down the best results. For example, if you are capturing the beauty of a particular flower, try to take the shot focusing its different angles, playing with sunlight and capturing it with a colour contrast in the backdrop.

  5. Identify your genre. Photography is all about capturing your inner voice and feelings. It’s about what you want to tell the world through your camera; whether you are a nature lover, animal lover, or you love to click birds, different foods, people at roadside, it is like making extra ordinary out of ordinary things.


    Golden Ratio


  7. Pick your favourite colour and make a portfolio of different shades of that colour and go on like this with other colours as well. This will make you understand the different colour schemes and would help you how to play with different colour contrasts.

  9. Use ‘Golden Ratio’ in your pictures. An important element in photography that captures the attention of viewers. Photography is about capturing something that appears visually appealing and Golden Ratio provides a balanced and harmonized touch to an image.



Certainly, these tips seem to me very helpful and have started following them one by one. To start with, I searched through the different photo exhibitions in the town, and I came across one which is going on in Delhi called Fate Breakers: Stories of Outstanding Indian Women. It is based on the theme of Indian women who fought against prejudice and society evils. The work of the artist is a masterpiece which showcases the determinism and courage of several women in India, against the intolerance, disrespect towards their gender and against the odds in life.


The photographs have been taken by Pascal Mannaerts and curated by Jean-Philippe Bottin, director Alliance Francaise de Delhi.






Surely, I’ll keep learning, keep exploring and keep doing more with my passion for photography. As someone has said, “Be a student of life. Learn something new every day. The day you stop learning is the day you become obsolete, so keep learning”.





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