Breast Cancer: Awareness, Pictures, Causes, Signs and Ribbons

It being one of the worst and scariest things to happen to women (If you are wondering can men have breast cancer? Then yes, men also, in some cases), breast cancer not only makes one physically ill, but mentally and emotionally too! Just the thought of being gripped by the disease is chilling.


Let’s check out the causes and signs of breast cancer, along with some facts related to the scary disease…




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Breast Cancer Awareness & Causes:

1. One out of 10 women is diagnosed with breast cancer at some or the other stage in her life.

2. Though breast cancer mostly affects women over the age of 50, but can attack younger women too.


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3. Women, who have a strong family history of breast cancer, are most likely to be affected by the disease.

4. Women, who plan to extend their family later in life or haven’t had conceived or have consumed contraceptive pills, are at a higher risk of getting breast cancer.



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Possible Signs & Symptoms Of Breast Cancer in Women:

1. The first and most common sign of breast cancer is a lump or a mass in the breast. It could be painful or painless, hard, rounded or tender and soft.

2. Breast swelling.



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3. Dimpling on the breast.

4. Pain in the breast or nipple.


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5. Breast cancer could develop after a lump or swelling is felt under the arms.

6. If the nipple changes in colour, forms redness, crusting or inversion, or retracts.



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7. If the nipple is affected by rashes.

8. If the nipple has a sudden discharge of fluid (other than the milk).



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9. If the shape and/or size of the breast change.

10. In case of an advanced cancer, the affected women may undergo pain in the bones, weight loss, persistent cough, nausea and severe headaches.



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11. Menstruation before the age of 11, or after the age of 55.


Having listed down all the possible signs and symptoms of breast cancer to spread awareness, it is mandatory to add that there are and have been several breast cancer cases that showed no obvious brest cancer symptoms at all! On the other hand, sometimes breast cancer signs end up being detected as just an infection or a cyst.



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However, it is always advisable to be safe than sorry. So, consult your doctor as soon as you experience any of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer mentioned above.


The earlier the breast cancer is diagnosed, the better are the chances of beating the disease. Regular breast self-examination is strongly recommended. Women, after the age of 20, must visit a doctor at least once a year.


Its our humble request, please do share this information with all your family & friends and support us in spreading breast cancer awareness.



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