Top 12 Interesting Facts About Rajinikanth’s Latest Movie Lingaa

12th December will see Rajinikanth‘s Lingaa running in packed cinema-halls across the globe. Incidentally, the Tamil superstar will celebrate his 64th birthday on the same day. Here’s bringing out some interesting facts about Lingaa just for you!






1. What is hyped as Lingaa today, may have had a different name altogether. Director K S Ravikumar wanted to call his film Venkaiyaa. When he suggested the title to Rajinikanth, the super star liked it, but believed that the film should have a more powerful title. Few days later, Shivaji Rao Gaekwad Rajinikanth aka Rajni Sir came up with the idea of calling the project Lingaa, which was soon finalized.







2. Once the makers agreed upon keeping their film’s title Lingaa, things weren’t as smooth as they thought. As they began the process of registering their film’s title, they were informed that they couldn’t do so, as Ameer had already booked the title four years back for his next project with Dhanush in the lead. But the moment he got to know that Ravikumar wanted that title for a film with Rajinikanth, he immediately let go of it for his favourite star.







3. Interestingly, Rajinikanth‘s grandson’s name is Lingaa, who is the son of his daughter Aishwarya and son-in-law Dhanush. The superstar is very attached to his grandsons Lingaa and Aryan. Probably that’s why Rajini came up with Lingaa as his film’s title.







4. The superstar has made a record of sorts, as he completed his portions of dubbing for Lingaa in less than 24 hours! While usually, the dubbing process takes a few days for most actors, Rajini finished his dubbing within a day. That’s certainly commendable! And yes, only Rajini could have pulled this off!






5. As we know that Bollywood Dabangg girl, Sonakshi Sinha, is starring opposite the Tamil superstar in Lingaa. It is also mandatory to mention here that the actress can’t speak the language, nor does she understand it. So, the makers of Lingaa zeroed in on the ace singer Chinmayi to dub for Sonakshi. Chinmayi has lent her voice to Sinha in both Tamil and Telugu versions of the film.






6. Rajinikanth will be donning three interesting and famous caps in Lingaa. The fine actor will have three different looks in the film – that of Jack Sparrow, Robin Hood and Tom Cruise – for the song, Mona Gasolina. Written by Madhan Karky, the number has a Latin American flavour to it and is a peppy one. Mona Gasolina has been sung by Mano, Neeti Mohan and Tanvi.






7. Rajinikanth’s introduction song, Oh Nanba, in Ravikumar’s Lingaa will have a rap portion. It will be for the very first time in his entire cinematic career that Rajini would be rapping on the silver screens. The rap portion has been sung by Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam. Rajini gave his suggestions and inputs as Vairamuthu wrote the song.






8. The entire shooting of Lingaa was completed in just six months. The cast and crew worked on the film without a break for six months from May 2014. Director Shankar was highly impressed by this fact, and even went on to say that Lingaa will surpass the business of Enthiran.






9. Rajinikanth agreed to do Lingaa only on one condition – that the film be released within this year. He didn’t want to do another film that would take 2-3 years to complete.






10. As revealed by director K S Ravikumar recently, graphics of Lingaa are yet to be completed. The makers are trying their best to wrap up the work on time before its 12th December 2014 release.






11. The film has been made on a whopping budget of Rs. 70 crore. Eros has brought the distribution rights of Rajinikanth’s mega-budget project for around Rs. 200 crore.


12. It is widely reported that Rajinikanth has been paid a huge sum of Rs. 60 crore for his role in Lingaa.


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