Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Best And Worst Looks At Cannes Over The Years


Contributed By: Anu Chanchal


One of the most beautiful actresses we have in Bollywood today, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has had some really awesome red carpet stints in the international circles. At the same time, there have been plentiful moments when the former beauty queen couldn’t escape fashion blunders at the prestigious event! Check out Aishwarya’s fashion hits and misses at Cannes over the years!


Aishwarya’s 5 Best Cannes Looks:


1) 2014


1                   Aishwarya’s 2014 Cannes look


Ash looked super-hot in this golden fish-cut off-shoulder gown, which superbly flaunted her newly acquired curves. The diva had shed the post pregnancy fat and was at her fittest and hottest! Wavy hair, bold red lips and minimal jewellery completed her look with flourish. (Her this look left hubby Abhishek’s eyes wide open. )



2) 2015


2  Aishwarya’s 2015 Cannes look


Mrs. Bachchan wore a lovely emerald green sleeveless gown with sheer skirt, revealing a bit of her legs. Side swept hair, subtle makeup and dark lips were her best picks to go with the outfit. She looked heart warmingly glamourous and graceful.



3) 2010


3 Aishwarya’s 2010 Cannes look


Bold in black! Aishwarya looked smoking-hot in this off-shoulder shimmering gown. Red lips and a neat hairdo added more sizzle to get look.



4) 2011


4 Aishwarya’s 2011 Cannes look


Isn’t she looking super striking in this simple yet stylish-in-its-own-way gown? Even her hairstyle and accessories are bang on!



5) 2011


5                    Aishwarya’s 2011 Cannes look


This one-shoulder beige gown wouldn’t have looked as dazzling and graceful had it been worn by a lesser glam doll!



Aishwarya’s 5 Worst Cannes Looks:


1) 2003


Aishwarya’s 2003 Cannes look


OMG! She actually wore this utterly tasteless thing to Cannes! While the colour hurt our eyes, Ash’s styling, makeup and hairdo didn’t make us feel any better! Outlandish, hands down!



2) 2004


Aishwarya’s 2004 Cannes look


In a chase to look hot, bold and sexy, Aishwarya ended up making a fool of herself in this weirdly cutout gown! It took the actress a while to realize that glamour is at its best when served with grace.



3) 2013


3 Aishwarya’s 2013 Cannes look


As if the dreary satin gown wasn’t enough to make us yawn, Aishwarya styled herself with an unappealing top knot and bright pink lips!


4) 2003


4  Aishwarya’s 2003 Cannes look


One more look from the same year! The actress sure needed to fire her stylist! The top, the skirt, her gaudy makeup – it all couldn’t have been worse!



5) 2008


Aishwarya’s 2008 Cannes look


We are still wondering that lackluster gown was made for a Cannes appearance! Was this boring ensemble the best Ash could pick back in the day? We need some fresh air!



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